Geometria is a collection of lifestyle pieces inspired by the craftsmanship of Indian artisans redefined into geometric forms.


These pieces can be used to create an impact in any setting.

Each piece uses inlays of brass, bone, mother of pearl & other fine materials.

Geometria is produced by India’s premier and leading furniture house.

GEOMETRIA has worked with top designers + architects in the hospitality industry


For more than 30 years, our production facilities in New Dehli have produced furniture including custom millwork, upholstery, woodwork, decorative objects, case goods, etc. For the hospitality industry.



Furniture tailored for any taste & every environment.


Let us work with you on projects of any size, retail or commercial. We can design custom pieces for any size project, as well as build to spec. Most pieces take about 12 weeks.


Work with GEOMETRIA to Design Your Space


Our team of designers has experience designing interiors for residential and commercial spaces. Work with us to create custom pieces from the initial design phase through production and installation.